Inner Lashing CARRY

Carry is an interior lashing that fits well in most transportvans and lorries. Interior lashings comes standard with end fittings with latch (EF-fitting) or with double wire hooks for rail as they fit most rails on the market. Can also optional be supplied with blue dry-band that are water repellant and keeps away dirt, for a longer life cycle.
RB5020 is a ratchet which fits well in most vans running smaller loads and will not require as high tension force. The advantage is that it is not causing any damage to the rail when the tension force is lower than with a larger ratchet.
TENDEX is an Over-Center buckle, which gives an appropriate tensioning force for interior lashing in trucks, easy to handle. It is an excellent choice if one handles similar goods, since the strap is held in place inside the buckle and therefore the length only has to be adjusted once.

  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 12195-2
  • Note: Other lengths and combinations on request.


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