Education on lifting and lifting gear

Certex and AEL continue co-operation to improve lifting safety

The easiest way to reduce the number of accidents in industrial companies is to ensure that all lifts are well planned, done correctly and safely and suitable lifting equipment is being used.

Pupils attending AEL training courses visit Certex as part of their training to get information about our products and services. Additionally, we show them breakload testing of textile and wire rope slings.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act 403/20018 requires that all lifting gear must be in proper condition and be checked regularly.

AEL organizes training courses on lifting procedures and inspection of lifting gear. The courses are in Finnish

Qualification training for lifting and lifting gear inspector
Maintenance and inspection training for hoists

You can also inquire from us general lifting and product related training for your company. Contact our sales and see how we can help you!