Lashing Products - Technical description

Compare with valid requirement (e.g. TSVFS and/or SS-EN) which load lashing capacity or breaking force that will be required to secure the load in respective direction and furthermore to calculate the number of lashes that will be required to a certain transport.

Load that can smoke, gyrate or dust away shall be sprinkled or covered to prevent harm to other road-users. Rack or nets is very useful when transporting for instance chippings or waste.

Metods to secure the load:
Secure the load in one of the following ways:

- By Closure
- By Lashing - By synthetic webbing, chain, steel wire rope fibre ropes.
- By Locking
- Or a combination of theese actions.
Some kinds of goods demands a certain material.
If you use lashing there are also a number of accessories fittings to be used.

Every lashing are provided with marking label/marking plate with manufacture symbol, information about lash load capacity (LC), failure load, length and date of manufacture.

Breaking load Load lashing capacity (LC)* Single lashing Split lashing
*Value for load lashing capacity  (LC) for lashing on road vehicle.


Lashing 0_s_225mm
Lashing 0_s_225mm