Corporate Social Responsibility is a commonly used buzzword.

At Certex there is a genuine approach directed from our parent company which endeavours to be a sustainable business.

An attractive employer

A sustainable company is best developed with the help of content employees. Responsibility and trust are the cornerstones of how we motivate our employees, each year we have a thorough appraisal with each member of staff discussing their opinions to requests from further training to experience.


All employees in Certex are important to our company, regardless of gender, age, experience, education level or ethnic background. We see the benefits of mixed groups and to actively promote equality.


Our efforts to reduce our environmental impact focuses on four areas: transportation, energy consumption, environmentally friendly products, and recycling. In order to reduce the impact we conduct projects in these key areas. We have been accredited with ISO 14001 which is an environmental management system which promotes self improvement and development within these areas.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We have a code of conduct for our suppliers. The main aim of this is that, as above that they treat their employees with respect and work to a high level of environmental standards.

For our full code of conduct please visit our parent company website:

Axel Johnson International and download the code of ethics to which we abide. Download our Code of Conduct here.