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– Your solution for lifting products and services.

Certex is Europe’s largest supplier of steel wire ropes and lifting equipment. 

We provide:

  • Products
  • Customized lifting solutions
  • Technical support
  • Certification
  • Inspection services

Our qualified experts help you navigate our wide selection of products and services. 

Certex is a distribution and marketing company, specializing in lift. In whatever forms lifting exists in the industry, ports, construction works, mines and a whole range of other areas, we at Certex have products and services that make it possible. Our main product is steel wire ropes but we have a wide product range with about 7,000 articles covering most lifting needs. In the case of our stocked items are not enough, we ask around among our global suppliers for the right product to our customers.

We exist throughout Europe

Certex Finland Oy belong to the business unit Lifting Solutions within Axel Johnson International. The business group is a global player in lifting equipment, steel wire rope, height safety and services. It operates as a group of companies that supply wire rope, hoists, overhead cranes and other lifting products together with connected services.

Lifting solutions has developed rapidly. Having grown from 0 to 420 MEUR in annual sales since 2005, when the first acquisition was made. Today Lifting Solutions consist of 24 market-leading companies with +100 service centers world-wide. Together, the companies serve clients in a wide range of industries, including off­shore, renewable energy, shipping, automotive manufacturing, ports, fish farming, engineering, pulp and paper, mining, and steel.

Even though Lifting Solutions has a short history the companies within the group have a long history in the business and are well known and established in their local markets. Several have even been around for more than a century. Together, they possess a vast resource of specialist knowledge in lifting and steel wire rope.

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Technical support

We know that knowledge is everything when it comes to making correct lifting. 9 of 10 lifting situations are done by the book, but who wants to be the one who gets too close to the 10th load? The number of accidents must be reduced. For us there is nothing more important, people's lives depend on it!

In Certex we think our customers should focus on their core business and deliver the right products and services to their own customers in the best possible way. When it means that large or heavy items must be moved or transported, we at Certex are there to help. We have the knowledge, services and products to make every lift as safe as possible.

Welcome to Certex!