ROPETEX Traction Lube 40


Ropetex Traction Lube 40 is a synthetic lubricant which coats wire surfaces with a slip-resistant film. It is designed for situations in which frictional grip is vital, because it provides internal lubrication whilst avoiding excessive build-up with repeated applications.

Typical applications: Lifts, elevators and traction hoists.

Application methods: Portable sprayer or brushing/dripping. 
Minimum application temperature: -5°C (product should be kept to at least 10°C for 48 hours before application).
Color/texture: White water fluid.
NLGI Grade: Solvent liquid
4-ball weld load: > 110 kgf

Available in a 20 liter drum.

Do not forget to download the white paper with a lot of useful information about wire rope lubricants. It is free!
(see 'downloads' at the bottom of this page).

  • Temperature range: -55°C up to +40°C


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