• The product is equipped with RFID chip
  • Cr6+ Free

POWERTEX PPT-S2 is a high quality, durable low built push trolley that is easy to install on horizontal beams and rails.

The trolleys can be used for I-beams with plane flanges (such as IPE, HEA or HEB types) or beams with sloping flanges (such as INP-beams).

The trolley can easily be positioned along the beam by pushing or pulling thanks to high quality steel wheels with bearings.


  • Safe - All POWERTEX trolleys are proof load tested 1,5 x WLL
  • Mechanical stops integrated in the design to prevent derailing
  • Equipped with connection plate with eye to hoist’s upper hook or direct connection
  • Connection plate can be turned 90 degrees to allow direct connection to POWERTEX S2 hoists without need of intermediate hook/eye
  • Rubber bumpers to absorb shock loads on impact to rail ending
  • Equipped with RFID for quick registration and maintenance
  • Marked with QR code to allow access to user manuals at any time
  • PPT-S2 is easy to mount and dismount on a horizontal rail or beam
  • The 3 piece design makes installation quick and ergonomically
  • The shaft is easily locked using the lock plate (No need to use large castle nut nor collar pins)
  • Wheel shafts are robotic welded for high quality weld seams
  • Large steel wheels equipped with double sided sealed bearings that do not need maintenance
  • Powder painted side panels gives a nice lasting finish
  • Fits most types of beam profiles and most brands of lifting blocks and electric hoists
  • Longer shafts for wider beams can be supplied from stock in EU
  • Can be turned into Blackline version BT by adding the included grey label over the shiny nameplate.

Blackline BT products are suitable to be used in theatres and entertainment industry.

  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked, WLL, beam width, individual serial number
  • Temperature range: -10°C up to +50°C.
  • Finish: Black powder painted (Matt finish)
  • Standard: EN 13157
  • Safety factor: 4:1
Push trolley with integrated mechanical stop. With connection plate with eye. Low headroom.
POWERTEX PPT S2 push trolley measurements
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Part Code WLL
Beam width
Model Minimum radius
16.05PPTS2005 0,5 50-135 PPT-S2 800 205 198 150 55 30 1,5 – 2 28 8 111 27 6,8
16.05PPTS2010 1 55-140 PPT-S2 1 000 242 211 174 68 30 1,5 – 2 32 10 118 28 11,2
16.05PPTS2020 2 65-155 PPT-S2 1 100 270 238 194 80 49 1,5 – 2 40 12 147 27 16,9
16.05PPTS2030 3 90-160 PPT-S2 1 300 325 246 234 100 60 2 – 3 49 14 177 29 28,6
16.05PPTS2050 5 90-180 PPT-S2 1 500 370 280 267 110 79 2 – 3 59 16 219 29 44,8

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