Milan 2.0 Power KIT

The Milan 2.0 Power KIT is a complete kit and contains:
Milan 2.0 Power A-029
9mm coated core rope at your selected length (installed in the device)
Rope bag ACS-0014 (large or medium depending on rope length)
RDD Powersource A-029-G
Battery charger A-029-L
Extra battery A-029-A

Extra info on Milan 2.0 Power device: Rescue equipment with constant descending speed which leads to a fast and safe rescue. The housing is constructed of milled aircraft aluminium which makes the product very robust. Milan 2.0 Power is a special version of the HUB with the lifting function and can be powered electronically. Power can be easily and quickly adapted and enables faster rappelling up of an accident victim over longer distances or rappelling yourself up.

Weight of the rescue device: 3,13 kg.

  • Material: Aluminium (Anodised), Steel (Electrogalvanized), Polyamide.
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Temperature range: -35°C up to +60°C.
  • Standard: EN 341, EN 1496
  • Note: The MILAN Rescue device offers a wide field of applications for different rescue situations. In order to control the rescue techniques, the user has to be instructed by a SKYLOTEC-qualified and specially trained person who is acquainted with the device.


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