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Special rope with steel-reinforced fiber core for elevators.

PAWO F3 has a proven history in many types of traction elevator applications. The outer strands are designed in Seale construction. The 9 thicker wires of the outer strand layer offer a higher wear resistance.

The rope is primarily used where the service life is more defined by wear due to contact with the traction sheave than by rope fatigue due to bending. Deformations of the rope cross-section can be greatly reduced. The fiber content in the core of the steel wire rope works as a lubricant reservoir.


  • Low and mid-rise
  • small to intermediate number of bending cycles
  • normal to heavy usage levels
  • wear-resistant
  • low elongation
  • extended service life
  • Rope construction: 8x19 Seale with steel-reinforced core.
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 12385-5


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