The meshes are manufactured by rope with the diameter 3 or 4,2 mm. Attachment ropes every 1,5 m.

PVC-net has reinforced edges and metal reinforced mounting holes every 1 m; attachment ropes are included.

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      Part Code Material Size of mesh mm Net size
      Rope dia
      14.20KÖVER35545 Polypropylene 40x40 3,5x7 3
      14.20KÖVER35580 Polypropylene 80x80 3,5x5 4,2
      14.20KÖVER35645 Polypropylene 40x40 3,5x6 3
      14.20KÖVER35680 Polypropylene 80x80 3,5x6 4,2
      14.20KÖVER356P PVC 2 3,5x6
      14.20KÖVER35745 Polypropylene 40x40 3,5x5 3
      14.20KÖVER35780 Polypropylene 80x80 3,5x7 4,2
      14.20KÖVER357P PVC 2 3,5x7