General: Wear protection for webbing slings, intended for lift of load with cutting edges. Good cutting resistance and high wear strength.
Design: Double polyester webbing sewed together.

Length: 0,3 m and 0,5 m.
  • Material: Polyester. Resistant to most acids but not strong alkalizes.
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Part Code Code Colour Length
Fit for webbing ton CAD
12.99SVKS0503 SVKS0503 violet 0.3 0,5
12.99SVKS0505 SVKS0505 violet 0.5 0,5
12.99SVKS10003 SVKS10003 brown 0.3 10
12.99SVKS10005 SVKS10005 brown 0.5 10
12.99SVKS2003 SVKS2003 yellow 0.3 1
12.99SVKS2005 SVKS2005 yellow 0.5 1
12.99SVKS3003 SVKS3003 grey 0.3 3
12.99SVKS3005 SVKS3005 grey 0.5 3
12.99SVKS4003 SVKS4003 brown/red 0.3 4
12.99SVKS4005 SVKS4005 brown/red 0.5 4
12.99SVKS6003 SVKS6003 blue 0.3 6
12.99SVKS6005 SVKS6005 blue 0.5 6
12.99SVKS8003 SVKS8003 orange 0.3 8
12.99SVKS8005 SVKS8005 orange 0.5 8

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