General: The ROCKER Rope Lock was designed specifically for:
* Technical Rope Access personnel, who require a multi use back-up piece of equipment.
* Technical Rescue personnel, who require a multi use back-up piece of equipment.
* Fixed Rope Sports and Industrial Climbers

The ROCKER can be used in the following ways but we recommend that users be trained in its many uses and learn
about its practical and physical strengths and weaknesses.
* Flexible Rope Safety Brake.
* Fixed Rope Safety Brake.
* Position locked onto rope.
* Belay Brake.
* Tensioned Line Brake.
* Hauling System Brake.
* Work Positioning.
Inner eyelet: 23 mm
For rope diameter (kernmantle): 10,5-12,7mm
Weight: 0.17 kg

  • Material: : Aluminium (Anodised)
  • Marking: According to standard, Supplier symbol, serial no, production year, type of rope, rope diameter, pictogram showing direction of use, CE.
  • Standard: EN 353-2 + EN 358 + EN 12841
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