Design: Roundsling covered with extra protection sleeve and provided with strengthen eye in each end, assembled as tool in combination with lifting details in grade 8. Max manufacturing length 20 m.
Stretch with working load: 2-3%.
Length tolerance: Nominal length ±2%.

  • Material: Polyester. Resistant to most acids but not strong alkalizes.
  • Marking: The slings are provided with a label with manufacturer’s symbol, working load limit (WLL) and CE marking.
  • Temperature range: app. -40° - +100°C.
  • Safety factor: Komponentit 4:1 ja päällysteraksi 7:1.
  • Grade: 8
ls_176_276_ends _225mm
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Part Code WLL
Working load limit (WLL) in tons 45°-60° Colour CAD
RR27601 1.4 1 violet
RR27602 2.8 2 green
RR27603 4.2 3 yellow
RR27604 5.6 4 grey
RR27605 7 5 red
RR27606 8.4 6 brown
RR27608 11.2 8 blue
RR27610 14 10 orange
Other dimensions, WLL and special length on request.

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