The turnback ferrule system is easy to use. It is quick, safe and has proved itself to be totally reliable. It is far more efficient than all other swaging methods on the market. T ferrules less than size no. 5 are allowed to be swaged with hand tools. T ferrules larger than size 60 need to be swaged using a special multi-stage swaging method.

  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 13411-3
Select a row from the table below, then click the add to quote button
Part Code Diameter
10.01T2.5 5
10.01T03 6
10.01T3.5 7
10.01T04 8
10.01T4.5 9
10.01T05 10
10.01T06 12
10.01T6.5 13
10.01T07 14
10.01T08 16
10.01T09 18
10.01T10 20
10.01T11 22
10.01T12 24
10.01T13 26
10.01T14 28
10.01T16 32
10.01T18 36
10.01T20 40
10.01T22 44
10.01T24 48
10.01T26 52
10.01T28 60
10.01T30 64
10.01T32 68
10.01T34 68
10.01T36 72
10.01T38 76
10.01T40 80
10.01T44 88
10.01T48 96
10.01T52 104
10.01T56 112
Diameter is after pressing.

Download CAD

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