Red Rooster

General: Lightweight (Aluminium housing) pneumatic hoists suitable for applications where duty is difficult. The compact design improves handling whilst maintaining high performance. Red Rooster pneumatic hoists comply with the European Machinery Directive and are CE marked.

Mini air chain hoist TCR
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Part Code WLL
Type Lifting speed full load m/min Lifting speed without load (m/min) Weight with 3m lift (kg) Number of chainfalls m/min Air consumption lifting (l/sec) Weight per extra meter HOL (kg) CAD
4009018 0.25 TCR-250C 9,3 19,0 7,0 1 11.7 0,35
4009020 0.5 TCR-500A2 4,5 9,5 9 2 11.7 0,7

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