General: Harness with cushioned shoulder and leg straps. Harness is equipped in frontal and dorsal attachment point. All straps (legs, shoulder and chest) with adjust buckles.
Webbing: polyamide/polyester 45 mm
Buckles: automatic, aluminium
Threads: polyester
Size: M-XXL
overall selection in the third column.

  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 361
  • Chest anchoring Chest D-ring
  • Work positioning D-ring Work positioning D-ring
  • Rear / dorsal D-ring Rear doorsal D-ring
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Part Code Code Size Weight
19.02.FI19P32PROMXL P 32 PRO M-XL M-XL 1,315
19.02.FI19P32PROXXL P 32 PRO XXL XXL 1,365