Use and maintenance


Eureka - Assembly Instructions

WARNING! In case the clips half-parts tangent when tightening the screws, a minor Eureka wire rope clip shall be used.


Fasten half of the wire rope lock in a vice. Untie the bolts and pull the wire rope through the lock.


Form the eye and push the end of the wire rope back through the lock.


The end of the wire rope has to be entirely carried though the wire rope  lock. The visible rope have the same length as the wire rope diameter. Fasten the bolts on the top.


Turn the lock.


Fasten the bolts. Check the tightening of the bolts on both the upper and the lower sides. Use extension for fastening.

Wedge Socket - Assembly Instructions

Check the wire rope dimension and possible damage before installation of the wedge. Also check that the marking on wedge house and wedge accord to the wire rope dimension.

Pull the wire rope through the wedge house so the "bearing" part aligns with the attachment point. Put the wedge in the eye, load the rope and check that the rope and the wedge are right placed in the wedge house.

Assemble an additional wire rope clips, as close as possible to the wedge house, at the bended free end of the wire rope as a "safety lock". This will restrain the wedge to get loose by possible slack wire.

For wire rope in bigger size, an extra piece of wire rope with the same dimension as the current rope will be assembled in the additional clips, parallel to the free end of the rope.

WARNING! Mistaken installation of wedges can result in wire rope damage and incomplete strength in the bond. Test load the rope before it is put into service.


Put the wire rope in the wedge socket.


Bend the rope and push it back through the wedge socket.


Put the wedge in the eye. Load the rope and check that the rope have the right position in the wedge socket.


Assemble an additional clip on the bended rope free end as a safety lock as close as possible to the wedge house.


For wire rope in bigger size, an extra piece of wire rope with the same dimension as the current rope will be assembled in the additional clips, parallel to the free end of the rope.

U-Bolt Cips - Assembly Instructions

The wire rope clip shall be well cleaned and screws and nuts lubricated. The hoop shall always be assembled over the returning end (dead end) and the "saddle" over the loaded part. The screws shall be tightened alternately and even.

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