Use in Adverse Environments

Temperature affect on working load limit (WLL)

Account should be taken of the maximum temperature that can be reached by the wire rope sling in service. This is difficult in practice but underestimation of the temperature should be avoided.
The table below summarises the necessary de-rated working load limits of a sling due to temperature, taking into account the type of rope termination, the ferrule material and the core of the rope.

When wire rope slings are to be used in temperatures below -40 °C CERTEX should be consulted.

The use of wire rope slings within the permissible temperature ranges given in the table does not require any
permanent reduction in working load limit when the rope is returned to ambient temperature.

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De-rated working load limit expressed as % of WLL of the sling
Temperature (t) ºC
-40 - 100101 - 150151 - 200201 - 300301 - 400400<t
FerruleAluminiumFibre100Do not useDo not useDo not useDo not useDo not use
FerruleAluminiumSteel100100Do not useDo not useDo not useDo not use
FerruleSteelFibre100Do not useDo not useDo not useDo not useDo not use
FerruleSteelSteel100100907565Do not use
Splice-Fibre100Do not useDo not useDo not useDo not useDo not use
Splice-Steel100100907565Do not use

Wire rope slings should not be used either immersed in acidic solutions or exposed to acid fumes.

CERTEX should be consulted in case the slings are to be exposed to chemicals combined with high temperature.

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