Any replacement component or part of the chain sling should be in accordance with the appropriate European Standard for that component or part.

With Grade 8 or Grade 4 chain slings, if any chain link within the leg of a chain sling is required to be replaced then the whole of the chain within that leg should be renewed.

The repair of chain in a welded chain slings should only be carried out by CERTEX using a resistance butt or flash butt welding process.

Components that are cracked, visibly distorted or twisted, severely corroded or have deposits which cannot be removed should be discarded and replaced.

Minor damage such as nicks and gouges may be removed by careful grinding or filing. The surface should blend smoothly into the adjacent material without abrupt change of section. The complete removal of the damage should not reduce the thickness of the section at that point to less than the manufacturers specified minimum dimensions or by more than 10 % of nominal thickness of the section.

In the case of chain slings on which repair work has involved welding, each repaired chain sling should be proof-tested following heat treatment using a force equivalent to twice the working load limit and thoroughly examined before it is returned to use. However, where repair is carried out by inserting a mechanically assembled component, proof-testing is not required providing that the component has already been tested by CERTEX in accordance with the relevant European standard.

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