Black steel wire rope

These steel wire ropes are especially targeted towards use in theaters and scenes. We offer dimensions from 1,5mm up to 8mm, fiber core or steel core with a lot of different constructions to suit your needs. Steel wire ropes are tested to have the highest quality, and are coloured black through a chemical process.

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CodeRope ØSteel areaMin breaking forceWeight
1960 N/mm2kg/
6x19-WSC/133-tr Black34,516,393,4
6x19-WSC/133-tr Black48,4411,46,1
6x19-WSC/133-tr Black511,9817,79,5
6x19-WSC/133-tr Black617,4125,513,7
6x19-WSC/133-tr Black722,4334,818,7
6x19-WSC/133-tr Black829,3545,424,4
6x19-WSC/133-tr Black1047,2971,038,1

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