Milan 2.0 HUB KIT

The Milan 2.0 HUB KIT is a complete kit and contains:
Milan 2.0 HUB A-028
9 mm coated core rope at your selected length (installed in the device)
Rope bag ACS-0014 (large or medium depending on rope length)

Extra info on Milan 2.0 HUB device: Rescue equipment with constant descending speed which leads to a fast and safe rescue. The housing is constructed of milled aircraft aluminium which makes the product very robust. On top of that Milan 2.0 HUB & Power is equipped with a lifting function that makes it possible to move a victim a short distance, to enable release of the victims lanyard and then securely descend the victim by using the Milan rescue equipment.
Please note: The MILAN Rescue device offers a wide field of applications for different rescue situations. In order to control the rescue techniques, the user has to be instructed by a SKYLOTEC-qualified and specially trained person who is acquainted with the device.

Abseiling speed: 0,9 m/s.
Max. abseiling height: 500 m.
Max. number of persons: 2.
Max. rated load: 260 kg.
Temperature from: -35°C up to 60°C
Weight of the rescue device: 3,11 kg.
Material: Aluminium (Anodised), Steel (Electrogalvanized), Polyamide.
Standard: EN 341 + EN 1496


Product inquiry

Art NoRope length
19.15A-028-KIT-XXSpecial rope length

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