Pump Chain Stainless G6

General: Application for submersible pumps and breathers in the water and waste water area.
Material: 1.4404 (AISI 316L), 1.4462 (AISI 318LN).
Finish: Bright polished.
Safety factor: 4:1.

Product inquiry

TypeWLLMaster linkDimensions AWITransition linkDimensions BWIChain typeShackle jaw spaceLength of master
links/end links
Weight SL*
PCWI 4/3200,32AWI 66x60x35--WOX 4x12-518600,39
PCWI 4/4000,4AWI 88x60x35BWI 55x26x13WOX 4x1218600,43
PCWI 5/5600,56AWI 88x60x35BWI 77x36x16WOX 5x1525600,62
PCWI 5/6300,63AWI 1010x80x50BWI 77x36x16WOX 5x1525800,68
PCWI 60,85AWI 1010x80x50BWI 77x36x16WOX 6x1825800,90
PCWI 71,25AWI 1313x110x60BWI 99x44x20WOX 7x21251101,35
PCWI 81,6AWI 1313x110x60BWI 1010x44x20WOX 8x24321101,70
PCWI 102,5AWI 1616x110x60BWI 1313x54x25WOX 10x30411102,60
PCWI 133,5AWI 1818x135x75BWI 1617x70x34WOX 13X39561354,50
PCWI 166,3AWI 2223x160x90BWI 2020x85x40WOX 16x48561608,00
PCWI 20**8AWI 2627x180x100BWI 2223x115x50WOX 20x607618021,00
PCWI 26**12AWI 4545x340x180BWI 3232x150x70WOX 26x787634043,20
* SL consisting of 1 x AWI, 2 x BWI, WOX chain in standard length. PCWI 4/200 manufactured without transition links BWI.
** made to order.

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